October 24, 2014


Delta Investment Management is a registered investment advisory firm. We offer personalized wealth management solutions to individual and institutional investors. We are experienced and disciplined.  We are the premier provider of tactical strategies.

Delta’s tactical investment philosophy is founded on a “Safety-First” approach.  We monitor market risk and proactively manage money based on this risk.  When risk is elevated, safety is our top priority and our investment strategies use systematic, rule based proven disciplines to avoid major declines.  Tactical asset management is active management involving optimizing asset allocations over the intermediate  term based on current market conditions. We pride ourselves in offering the most effective and time-tested tactical investment programs available.

We have decades of experience in the institutional sector of the investment industry. With our exceptional depth and breadth of industry experience in market-leading firms, we seek to bring to you disciplined and tactical investment programs that build and protect your wealth.

By maximizing both safety and profits, our tactical investment strategies and thoughtful portfolio structuring have achieved outstanding performance through bull and bear markets for our clients.