The Price of Money

The price of money impacts the value of almost every major asset.  Excessively low priced money can create asset bubbles like we saw in 2000 with technology stocks or in 2007 with home values.  The Federal Reserve manipulates the price of money to influence inflation rates, job growth and economic output….

What a Good Analyst Knows

When analyzing growth companies, a good analyst knows direction. Is the direction up or down? As long as the fundamentals remain solid, a good analyst will stay with a positive recommendation through both up and down price volatility. The surprise to investors and analysts is often not direction but how far prices run before the[…]

And the Survey Says…

Every week for the past thirty years, the American Association of Independent Investors (AAII) surveys its membership to measure if investors believe the stock market will be higher (Bullish), the same (Neutral) or lower (Bearish) over the next six months. With the exception of the two and half weeks following the presidential election, investors have[…]